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Who are we?

Feona Baranowski

Feona Baranowski


Feona is a long term local, with formal musical training. Feona has a long history in the performing arts including Bay
Theatre Players, The Bay Show Band, ELM, community and church functions as well as retirement villages, service clubs,
pubs and functions.

Feona is also a vocal coach and has performed in many roles including radio jingles and as a duo with husband Joe.

Feonas’ highly skilled vocals cover the widest range
of musical styles from jazz to contemporary pop.

Colin Enright


Colin has most recently been involved for 15 years with a rock and roll covers band in Canberra before moving to the south coast.
Locally Colin performed with a duo playing Shadows and
early 60’s covers and later in another duo teamed with a classical cello player performing a very eclectic mix of classical pieces, rock and roll standards and the weird and wacky.

Dave Grace


Dave says “I  love playing the bass.  It’s the bridge between the rhythms set up by the drums and the melodies of the other instruments and voices.”

David has played with  bands in Canberra and locally. In the early 1990’s David played in a classical guitar duo in Eurobodalla..

Peter Heyward

Flute and vocals

Peter’s musical life began as a choirboy in Hobart. As well as singing, he fell in love with the flute and later percussion. He has played and sung in a variety of musical contexts in Tasmania and Canberra as well as in Brazil, Timor Leste and Pakistan. Now retired to the south coast, his love of music continues.

Mark Rote


Mark has played drums for various original and cover bands in a diverse range of musical styles including blues, rock, bush, disco, funk, pop, country and folk. He strongly believes that making a musical contribution to any band is more about listening than playing.

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